Time Warner cable disconnect service

Time Warner Cable Terms of Service

We may request that you pre-pay the charges for your first month’s service and any installation or equipment fees are payable at the time of installation. Thereafter, we will bill you for your services every month in advance. Charges for additional items, (for instance, pay-per-view movies and events, international and directory assistance calling, additional services and features) will be billed the following billing cycle. Your monthly Time Warner Cable bill will identify your recurring service charges, additional charges and applicable taxes, fees and surcharges. These taxes, fees and surcharges may include, among others, federal and state excise taxes and fees, state and local sales and business taxes and service-specific charges, such as federal and state universal service contributions, E911 support charges and regulatory and franchise fees. You may request from Time Warner Cable a list of applicable fees, taxes and surcharges.

Payment in full for all billed charges, including additional charges and all taxes, fees and surcharges, must be received by the date indicated on your bill to avoid late fees and other charges. Please report any billing errors immediately. In order to receive credit for disputed charges, such charges must be reported within 30 days of the day on which you receive your bill unless otherwise specified under applicable law. A late fee may be assessed upon any outstanding undisputed balance due that remains after the due date appearing on your bill.

Nonpayment of any portion of your Time Warner Cable bill may result in interruption or disconnection of any and all services, including Home Phone services. You are liable for payment for all services rendered by Time Warner Cable and billed to your account. It is your responsibility to mail or make payment in a timely manner to ensure receipt by TWC on or prior to the due date. If you know that your payment will be late, call our Customer Service department so we can make arrangements to avoid service interruption and reconnection fees, or, sign up for PayXpress and pay your bill online.

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