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How to Purchase a Modem in Retail

In order to choose a compatible modem, you need to know your Internet plan name or the speed it can accommodate. You can find the name of your plan on your bill.

Choose the Right Modem

All modems on this page support IPv6, unless otherwise noted, and are compatible with our Internet service. You will experience the best performance if you select a modem that is recommended to support the speed of your Internet plan. Modems supporting a higher speed than your subscribed speed will also work.*

*Manufacturer’s stated maximum speed is based on technical capability under optimal testing conditions and is higher than actual usable speed, which is impacted by network traffic, an individual's speed plan and other variables. The appropriate recommended modem is required for the best possible experience of our speed plans. Actual speeds may vary.

Prepare for the Future

We are committed to providing the best Internet experience possible. We are constantly making improvements to our network and infrastructure that enable us to deliver enhanced products and services with even greater reliability and speed. Ultra-fast Internet speeds up to 300Mbps available in some locations and are coming soon to more. When choosing a modem for purchase, we recommend that you select a modem that's optimized for the present and the future, in the event that we upgrade your current speed plan or you later choose to subscribe to a higher speed plan.

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