Buckeye cable customer service phone number

What services does Buckeye CableSystem provide?

Customers with cable TV who have Buckeye TV Everywhere service get a chance to watch streamed content from several cable TV programmers on Web-enabled devices such as smartphones, tablets and computers. Buckeye CableSytstem has a Buckeye Brainiacs service, which consists of a group of technical and equipment support technicians who assist customers with managing in-home WiFi networks, computer malware and other technological issues. For a monthly fee, Buckeye Brainiacs help customers via the phone or in the client’s home.

The Buckeye CableSystem is a cable company located in Toledo, Ohio, and Block Communications owns it. The company offers its services to northwest Ohio and parts of Southeast Michigan. The company has a regional sports network known as Buckeye Cable Sports Network. BCSN is a 24-hour sports network that focuses on local sports ranging from college to scholastic and professional to club sports.

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