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Frequently Asked Questions

Broadband Internet is high-speed Internet that is always running and is faster than dial-up. It includes the following services: Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), Cable Modem, Fiber, Wireless, and Satellite.

What’s the difference between cable, DSL, fiber, and satellite Internet?

Cable Internet is a service that offers high-speed Internet through the same coaxial cable as cable television. The speeds usually vary from 1.5 Mbps and higher.

DSL, or Digital Subscriber Line, is an Internet service that delivers Internet over a wire line, which offers faster Internet speeds than traditional copper lines. The speeds vary from several hundred Kbps to million bits per second or Mbps.

Fiber Internet is usually the fastest type of Internet service available to residents ranging in speeds up to 1 Gbps. The data is transmitted through optical fibers allowing for data to be carried through longer distances without sacrificing speed.

Satellite Internet is received via a small satellite dish that usually faces the direction of the provider’s satellite in space. It is typical for satellite providers to offer a data cap for their plans with speeds ranging from 1 Mbps and higher.

How do I choose the right provider?

Choosing the right provider for your needs depends on your normal Internet use. If you are a heavy Internet user, constantly streaming data or on social media sites, then cable, DSL, or fiber plans would work best for you since there is no data cap, or restriction. Location also plays a huge part in choosing the right provider since most unlimited internet plans differ in availability, whereas satellite internet offers the most coverage, but has data caps on usage. The best way to find out which plan works best for you is by calling one of our customer happiness associates at 1-844-202-9310.

Will I be able to stream Netflix or Hulu?

Yes but depending on the connection you get, you may have data caps which will restrict how much you can stream. If you have an unlimited data plan in your area, this limitation won’t be an issue.

Why is there a data cap on Satellite Internet?

For fair access use, most satellite providers will enforce a data cap on its plans to maximize the bandwidth for all of its users and to offer a stable and constant connection and speed.

Why is my actual Internet speed different from what was advertised?

There may be many factors as to why you might be getting slower Internet speeds. These factors include end-user hardware issues like having an older modem, your distance from the ISP location, congestion, time of day, and throttling (your ISP may choose to slow down your internet service based on your usage). For more information regarding your speed differences, it’s best to contact your Internet service provider directly and troubleshoot the problems.

I’m having problems with my installation date.

If you are having problems with installation, it’s best to contact the support department for your provider directly to ensure a smooth installation process

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