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Broadband internet provider offers & services are based on your geographical location as well as your phone number. To qualify for DSL , cable, fiber , and other high speed broadband internet services, your location must meet certain conditions. To qualify for digital subscriber line (DSL) your local telephone company must have a DSLAM gateway installed in the central office or (CO) that services your neighborhood area, and must be within 18, 000 feet (approximately 3 miles) of your location.

Please be aware that the measurement taken to determine if your residence qualifies for DSL, cable, fiber, or broadband services is not necessarily a linear distance (not calculated by street miles or air miles). Both your street address and phone number are needed to perform a complete search for broadband service availability. Your street address and zip code are needed to confirm cable & fiber optic availability at your location. Your phone number is needed to confirm DSL availability at your location.

The information you enter on this form will be used only to determine broadband internet access availability at your location. We do not sell, rent or lease customer information and will not use the information entered to contact you except in connection with your qualification for, and/or purchase of broadband internet service. We do not retain information if you do not order broadband high speed internet service. Our instant price and availability qualification tool is a free service with no obligation to buy, so try it today! To find out more about our privacy practices please see our privacy policy.
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