Cable services for my address

It's easy to plan a smooth move with Charter

Frequently Asked Moving Questions

How much will it cost to transfer my services?

Charter makes it easy to transfer services to your new address. We'll send a technician to set up everything at your new address for a discounted one-time fee as low as $9.99*.

Can i get a better deal once I start service somewhere new?

Since you are moving and you will need a technician to come activate service at the new home, now would be a perfect time to add any features that you had been considering. We may have some really good deals available!

Do you service my new address?

Charter proudly serves about 5 million customers across the country and we would love the opportunity to offer service to your new home. Please enter your new address in the form on the right to see what we can offer.

What should I do with my equipment?

In many cases, you can keep your current equipment. Simply pack your Charter equipment and bring it to your new home. When our technician comes to get everything connnected, he or she will hook up all of your equipment and ensure it is working properly so that your transaction to your new home is as seamless as possible.

Am I able to keep my service on at my current address for a few days, even after it's turned on at the new address?(overlap service)

In many cases, we are able to review your account and see what is the best way to service both addresses temporarily. This would depend on the equipment/services needing to stay connected and the length of time.

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