Charter cable Internet service In-home WiFi

In-home WiFi is a residential service that provides customers a superior WiFi experience with Spectrum's unmatched internet bandwidth, allowing you to connect all of your wireless devices to your network. You'll have the speed and range to stream, game and upload with ease across all the devices in your home. For an additional monthly charge, we offer Spectrum customers a WiFi router that provides wireless connectivity for your home and includes dedicated 24/7 support. Learn more about adding In-home WiFi to your household.

WiFi Setup

For information, including troubleshooting and setup instructions, find the image below that best represents your WiFi setup.

One Piece

I have one piece of equipment for internet & WiFi:

(Gateway Modem / Router Combo)

Two Pieces

I have two pieces of equipment for internet & WiFi:

(Separate Modem and Router)
separate modem and router

Buying Your Own Router

If you choose, you can purchase your own router at a retail store to use with Spectrum Internet.

  • We recommend the router be a draft 802.11N router with a built-in gigabit switch.
  • Most 802.11GB and some draft 802.11N routers have a built-in full-duplex 10/100 Ethernet switch, which can prohibit achieving appropriate speeds.
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