Cox cable New Orleans customer service number

Call Center Customer Service Representative (Technical Support)

At Cox, we connect people to the things they love. Now we’d like to connect you to a career opportunity you’ll love. Cox Communications call center is looking for customer focused individuals to join our team and be the voice of our brand to Serve, Solve and Sell.

We offer...

  • Competitive wages with potential for additional financial incentives for motivated team members!
  • FREE Internet and other Cox discounted services
  • Medical, Dental, and Vision Benefits first day!
  • Casual, yet energetic and engaging work environment
  • Retirement Benefits including 401(K) and Pension
  • Work-life balance, including generous time off policies: Up to 22 days of Paid Time Off during first year, plus 7 Paid Holidays
  • Tuition Assistance provided
  • High degree of commitment to our communities including volunteer opportunities
  • Career Advancement Opportunities across the Cox family of companies

A Technical Support Representative is part of a supportive, service-oriented team that:

  • Exceeds our customer’s expectations by providing top notch customer service.
  • Engages in real-time troubleshooting with customers to resolve technical issues.
  • Educates residential Cox customers about the use of products and additional service opportunities.
  • Maximize opportunities to sell additional or upgraded services to customers as available, while providing a quality customer experience.
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PCT PCT 8 Port Bi-Directional Cable TV Splitter Signal Booster/Amplifier with Active Return Zero Signal Loss and VoIP Telephone Bypass
Speakers (PCT)
  • Compare to Electroline EDA-FT08300. Provides 8 amplified output ports with Active Return.
  • All ports are LOSSLESS both forward and reverse. This is a true lossless 8-port splitter.
  • MODEM port provides a connection point for VoIP equipment, so that a power failure will not affect services.
  • Compatible with all standard and digital Cable TV services, including the Triple Play phone service.
  • Unique mounting design allows for horizontal or vertical mounting in any space. 5-year warranty.
Ruach Internet TV Streaming Box Android 4.2 TV Box Chinese best TV BOX + Youtube/HDP TV/泰捷Tv/xbmc -Compare To Xiaomi, Suntv Box, HTV, TVpad, IPTV [No monthly FEE, remote HDMI cable included]
Home Theater (Nettech)
  • Streaming overseas Chinese TV stations live or play back previous program. The station including Hunan TV, CCTV 1 to 15, as well as many other Chinese channels...
  • It s FREE for life. Just like all the other TVpad devices. Once you ve purchased Ruach TV, you do not have to pay any monthly subscription or any additional charges...
  • The new TV box now supports more channels compared to other services and comes with advanced technology for stable and smooth streaming.The Stable Playback technology...
  • The world s best streaming TV box, now offers users more Chinese and Hongkong TW channels using Android operating system and even more interactive features than...
  • 预装多款Tv直播,视频盒子, 1 year warranty, Tested in USA, Better than xiaomi, and Better price, never needs to be jail-broken
snoriginal 6.6ft 2M Nylon Braided Tangle-Free to USB Lightning Cable for [ iPhone 6s 6s Plus iPhone6 6plus 5S 5C 5 4S / iPad / mini / air / touch ] Sync and Charging Pink
Personal Computer (snoriginal)
  • [snoriginal] Our new brand SNORIGINAL is coming from Japan. SNORIGINAL has accumulated highly praise and ranks in the top selling among the same products in Japan...
  • [Design] Nylon Braided Tangel Free Lightning Cable
  • [Product Spec] 6.6 Feet(2M)
  • [Product Info] Pakage includes 1 cable and 1 silicone strap. you can bind your cable with sukucone is convenient to put in or take out bag.The cables will...
  • [Official Product] In order to let customers feel free to purchase and use our snoriginal products, we pay highly attention to product s effective management on...
BLACKBOX NETWORK SERVICE Black Box Single-Mode Value Line Patch Cable, LC-LC, 30-m (98.4-ft.)
  • Basic fiber cable available in 5 lengths and 3 colors.
  • 0.5 dB insertion loss.
  • 2-year warranty.
Freerun Freerun Innovative Traveler Bubble Backpack Pet Carriers Airline Travel Approved Carrier Switchable Mesh Panel for Cats and Dogs - Blue
Pet Products (Freerun)
  • Revolutionary semi-sphere window design adds a unique function in addition to its switchable mesh panel fit for Small pets, such as small cats and dogs can be easy...
  • Economize your carrying effort, eco-friendly casual life style. Adjustable padded shoulder straps and carrying handle make our carrier easy to attach to a seat belt.
  • Built-in security leash, mesh panels & ventilation holes, soft washable pad, top & side entries for maximum accessibility, easy storage and travel - comfort...
  • The semi-sphere window design can stop them from escaping and keeps them safe in your care. It also provides a more interesting and safe space for your pet, which...
  • Dedicated to providing the best quality products for their pets and pet-parents, innovative designs, solution-based products, and proprietary collections are a great...
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