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Verizon, roughly a decade ago, established a massive fiber optic infrastructure that would prove to service the public to exemplary standards, and despite the volume of customer interaction, the company had always managed to deliver top-notch service. Millions of layoffs, one recession and a rapid selloff of said infrastructure – later, we are left with the monkey cluster that is Frontier "Communications." This review cannot be unique enough to constitute anything other than a rant, yet I still feel that in a case so blatantly excruciating as this, every voice counts. I'll make it simple. Unlicensed Albanian plastic surgeons offer better customer ramification. I clipped my fingernails twice while holding for technical support. You would prefer speaking to Caligula in person than these clowns over the phone.

For the first time in history, protocol, which was invented to service the customer, has barred customer service. I was actually refused technical support on the grounds that a "ticket" already existed on my account. That ticket was two weeks old, and the technician was a no-show for three appointments. Yes, three times we were stood up. By the time services are ever rendered, the problems of losing any combination of phone, internet or TV for up to an entire week, are resolved mysteriously and suddenly. At any time, however, they may go out. Sometimes this is provoked by a simple, one-second power outage. Other times, it is completely random. It is my conjecture that Frontier implements what one may term as "rolling [service] blackouts" in order to service a set percentage of customers at a given time. This would allow them to cut down on costs during times of great bandwidth demand.

Technical support is provided by a third party, ATS if I'm not mistaken, who drive vans bearing the Frontier insignia. The phone support is yielded by a skeleton staff, the overflow sent to foreign companies that would compare to day labor staffing. The domestic phone staff are instructed to lie to their customers. I know this because I catch them in a lie every time, and that many honest phone workers... well, wouldn't be so consistently dishonest. I have been promised pro-rated credits that have never come. I have been treated like a child, condescended to and have literally been asked, "Why are you calling this department?" The technical support, foreign or domestic, use 360 tactics to create the illusion that they intend to provide support, when all they are really doing is waiting-out the customer's patience so that he will hang up, and the problems will be solved remotely at a later time... mysteriously and suddenly.

It is paper-thin. Carnies have better game, and I see right through it. Frontier bid low on a good infrastructure and a great customer base, and they are cleaning up. Without civil litigation, there will never be restitution. This is the worst company in America of whom I have ever been a customer, and I cannot speak lowly enough of them. Boycott Frontier, or hire a lawyer. I am working on copying 200, 000 petitions to be dropped from an airplane, and selling "Frontier Should Fold" T-shirts outside every major sporting and stage event in the Tampa Metro.

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