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Brunswick Area Television

While the City of Brunswick has been producing local, government programming for cable subscribers since 1986, in 2002 we expanded our operations to give the Brunswick Community a new, easy way to produce their own programs. We offer comprehensive training as well as free equipment loans to make your program a reality. Public Access was designed to allow community groups, not for profit organizations and individuals a way to promote their causes, issues and interests to their local community. With media conglomeration, local coverage of events in our area on local broadcast TV stations is virtually nonexistent, unless of course there is a tragedy. Public Access lets community volunteers highlight the best points of our community.

Where are we?

In 2010, the BAT Studios relocated to our home at 4274 Manhattan Avenue. At the same time, we upgraded our playback opportunities for programs, offering an on demand, internet based feed called, which offers 24/7 access to all of our most recent programs, increasing the audience for our local programs, worldwide!

How to find our programs

Brunswick Area Television is available to cable subscribers in the City of Brunswick and in Brunswick Hills Township. In addition, BAT programs are available on the internet. Click here to learn how to find our shows.

What is PEG access?

Public, Education and Government, or PEG Access was created in the infancy of cable television, to allow local communities an outlet for creative programs, produced by their residents. Channel space is allotted to the local community by the operators. In Brunswick, we have four community channels seen on Time Warner Cable and WOW: our Government Access Channel, a Public Access Channel, an Educational Access Channel (operated by the Brunswick City Schools) and the Recreation Channel.

Government Access

Our government channel includes a variety of programs, including live coverage of the regular meetings of Brunswick City Council and the Brunswick Hills Township Trustees. Local businesses are highlighted on The Buzz on Business. Interesting members of our community can be seen on Golden Years and Salute to Service.

Public Access

A typical programming day on our public access channel includes telecasts from area churches, including the Brunswick United Methodist Church, St. Mark Lutheran Church, Southwest Baptist Church and St. Ambrose Parish. These programs are produced weekly by dedicated community volunteers. You may also run across some old films on programs such as The Weirdness Really Bad Movie, pure entertainment for movie-philes. Other programs highlight everything from religion to local politics and introduce you to some of your neighbors. More than 400 folks have been trained and have produced programs for our channel, and without the countless hours of our volunteers, there would be no public access programming. The Brunswick Area is very fortunate to have such a dedicated group!

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