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Mine Cable Services - High-Voltage Cable Repair, Connection, Coupling and Handling Systems

Mine Cable Services (MCS) designs and manufactures cable connection systems and cable repair systems for flexible, portable power cable used in the mining, forestry and container port industries.

Our manufacturing plant is located in Edmonton, Alberta. Here we have a complete non-ferrous foundry, machine shop and fabrication facilities all related to the manufacture of cable couplers and cable junction box systems. In addition, we have a fully equipped cable repair shop.

Our main cable repair facility is located in Sparwood, BC. Here, cable from a number of local mines is inspected, repaired and certified. This location is fully equipped with cable reelers, forklifts, high-voltage test equipment and a variety of cable fault location equipment.

Mine Cable Services is also the North American distributor for Pirelli Mining Cable manufactured in Neustadt, Germany.

Mining cable connector systems and junction boxes

Mine Cable Services designs and manufactures medium voltage cable connector systems covering the range from 600V, 5/8kV and 15/25kV. These couplers feature fully-shielded phase insulators, which reduce physical damage and increase personnel safety during fault conditions.

Where junction box connection is preferred, Mine Cable Services manufactures a wide range up to 25kV. All components of the junction boxes are manufactured by MCS, including the 'Posi-Clamp' connectors.

Cable vulcanizer equipment and materials

Mine Cable Services designs and supplies cable vulcanizer equipment and materials. We manufacture both 'heater and mold' and 'hot air oven' systems. Both systems feature automatic temperature control and duration timers. Both techniques are widely used in the repair or splicing of flexible reeling and trailing cable. Repair tapes and other materials are stocked in Edmonton.

Flexible reeling and trailing cable repair services

In the repair of flexible reeling and trailing cable, Mine Cable Services employs factory-trained repair technicians and is approved to repair Pirelli Protolon cable. This approval includes the repair of Pirelli Protolon cable with fiber optic filaments. We offer complete cable repair services either at our repair facilities or at a customer's location.

Cable crossover system

Mine Cable Services manufactures cable crossover systems which allow both service and heavy-haulage trucks to drive over equipment trailing cable without damage to the cable or interruption of power to the mining equipment.

Universal cable stand

The universal cable stand has been introduced by Mine Cable Services to replace wooden cable stands with a practical, long-lasting and cost-effective cable elevation system. These stands (UCS20 and UCS30) are octagonal, molded plastic, clearly identifying the location of mining cable, both during the day and at night, thus preventing damage to the cable.

Strain relief clamps

Mine Cable Services manufactures a variety of strain relief clamps, including heat shrink, stinger clamp style, aerial cable crossing supports, 'Rope Brake', 'Satellite' wire ball and 'Torpedo' strain relief clamps.

Raychem heat shrink cable termination products

Mine Cable Services is a stocking distributor for Raychem heat shrink cable termination products. From our stock we are able to customize terminations for almost any mining application.

Molds and charges for fusion welding

Mine Cable Services is a stocking distributor for 'Thermoweld' molds and charges for fusion welding of both grounding and cable conductors.

Our products are used in most open-pit mine operations in North America and Latin America. Our products and services are also used in Container Ports and Forestry Operations where high-speed portal cranes are in use.

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