Underground service Entrance cable

Types SE and USE

(A) Fire Alarm Systems. Where used for fire alarm systems, conductors shall also be in accordance with 760.49.

(B) Thermocouple Circuits. Conductors in Type TC cable used for thermocouple circuits in accordance with Part III of Article 725 shall also be permitted to be any of the materials used for thermocouple extension wire.

(C) Class 1 Circuit Conductors. Insulated conductors of 18 AWG and 16 AWG copper shall also be in accordance with 725.49.

336.116 Jacket. The outer jacket shall be a flameretardant, nonmetallic material.

336.120 Marking. There shall be no voltage marking on a Type TC cable employing thermocouple extension wire.

ARTICLE 338 Service-Entrance Cable: Types SE and USE

I. General 338.1 Scope. This article covers the use, installation, and

construction specifications of service-entrance cable.

338.2 Definitions .2 Definitions.

Service-Entrance Cable. A single conductor or multiconductor assembly provided with or without an overall covering, primarily used for services, and of the following types:

Type SE. Service-entrance cable having a flame-retardant, moisture-resistant covering.

Type USE. Service-entrance cable, identified for underground use, having a moisture-resistant covering, but not required to have a flame-retardant covering.

II. Installation

338.10 Uses Permitted .10 Uses Permitted.

(A) Service-Entrance Conductors. Service-entrance cable shall be permitted to be used as service-entrance conductors and shall be installed in accordance with 230.6, 230.7, and Parts II, III, and IV of Article 230.

(B) Branch Circuits or Feeders Branch Circuits or Feeders.

(1) Grounded Conductor Insulated. Type SE serviceentrance cables shall be permitted in wiring systems where all of the circuit conductors of the cable are of the thermoset or thermoplastic type.

(2) Grounded Conductor Not Insulated. Type SE service-entrance cable shall be permitted for use where the insulated conductors are used for circuit wiring and the uninsulated conductor is used only for equipment grounding purposes.

Exception: Uninsulated conductors shall be permitted as a grounded conductor in accordance with 250.32 and 250.140 where the uninsulated grounded conductor of the cable originates in service equipment, and 225.30 through 225.40.

(3) Temperature Limitations. Type SE service-entrance cable used to supply appliances shall not be subject to conductor temperatures in excess of the temperature specified for the type of insulation involved.

(4) Installation Methods for Branch Circuits and Feeders.

(a) Interior Installations. In addition to the provisions of this article, Type SE service-entrance cable used for interior wiring shall comply with the installation requirements of Part II of Article 334.

FPN: See 310.10 for temperature limitation of conductors.

(b) Exterior Installations. In addition to the provisions of this article, service-entrance cable used for feeders or branch circuits, where installed as exterior wiring, shall be installed in accordance with Part I of Article 225. The cable shall be supported in accordance with 334.30. Type USE cable installed as underground feeder and branch circuit cable shall comply with Part II of Article 340.

338.12 Uses Not Permitted.

(A) Service-Entrance Cable. Service-entrance cable (SE) shall not be used under the following conditions or in the following locations:

(1) Where subject to physical damage unless protected in accordance with 230.50(A)

(2) Underground with or without a raceway

(3) For exterior branch circuits and feeder wiring unless the installation complies with the provisions of Part I of Article 225 and is supported in accordance with 334.30 or is used as messenger-supported wiring as permitted in Part II of Article 396

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