Cox digital cable customer service

Cox Digital CableCARD™ Service

Cox Digital CableCARD™ Service allows you to receive video programming through the use of a retail device. This includes TVs and other devices that accept CableCARDs.

  • A retail device has built-in technology that allows you to receive digital and High-Definition (HD) cable signals without the use of a Cox receiver.
  • You can lease a CableCARD device from Cox to access digital cable and HD programming.

Cox Digital CableCARD Service Details

With CableCARD devices, you do not have access to the features below:

  • Cox’s Interactive Program Guide (IPG) including Cox’s Parental Controls
  • On DEMAND Services including Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD)
  • Pay-Per-View (PPV), including special events and sports packages
  • Pairing matches the DCR device and the CableCARD, using technology that allows subscribers to view the programming to which they subscribe.
  • Once the CableCARD has been installed, DO NOT REMOVE it.
  • There is no cleaning or maintenance required for the CableCARD.
  • For troubleshooting assistance, call 1-877-820-8202 for technical support.

Note: Cox does not troubleshoot retail digital cable ready devices.

Service 150' 2/3 2-2-4 Copper Service Entrance Wire Cable
Home Improvement (Service)
  • Size AWG: 2-2-4
  • Phase Conductors: 7
  • Nominal O.D. (mils): 920 X 549
  • Ampacity 90°C: 130
  • Approx. Net Weight Per 1 (lbs): 638
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