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Parental Control Features for TV & Internet

Every Mediacom digital cable TV package utilizes a digital set-top box. Included in all digital TV packages is the Interactive Program Guide channel with advanced Parental Control features, giving viewers the greatest flexibility to block and unblock individual programs or restrict programs across all cable channels with particular ratings such as all R-rated programs.

How to use your remote control to set parental controls

To set up the "parental code lock"

1. On the digital remote, press the menu button.

2. Highlight lock icon or "Parental Control" in main menu.

3. Highlight "Locks Set Up" and press ok.

4. You will be prompted to enter your new PIN. Enter any four digits you will remember but others will not know.

5. You will be prompted to re-enter the code. Type in the same number again.

6. A screen with different types of locks will appear. You can choose to lock channels, movie ratings, TV ratings, or particular programs. Scroll through the different types by using the up and down arrows.

7. Use the left and right arrows to select what channel, rating, etc. that you want to lock.

8. When you find one, press the ok button. A lock icon will appear to show that channel, program, or rating has been locked.

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