Time Warner cable service status

Time Warner Cable Columbus problems

Time Warner Cable offers television, broadband internet and telephone service over the cable to individuals and businesses in 28 states. Time Warner Cable also offers home security monitoring services. Time Warner Cable has previously acquired Insight Communications (2012). Email service is available under the Road Runner (Roadrunner) brand.

Time Warner Cable Columbus problems last 24 hours

@timewarnercable why would a service tech lie about finding no one home at my house and putting a tag on the door? i was there, no tag.#fail — (@InterComCR)

@twc_help complete internet outage in 28025. should i call the support line or is this account any help whatsoever? — (@DJ_WILL_LOVE)

@twc_help @twc_socal are there connectivity issues in the pasadena area? — (@TrekGuy62)

love paying for internet that doesn't work. maybe if @timewarnercable would do their job this wouldn't be a problem. — (@Sierra_Vales)

hey @twc @twc_help ..telling us that it'd take another 24 hours to fix the problem doesn't make sense! — (@theyackerr)

@twc_help not the same issues, no. at the moment i am unable to get sound on one of our sets, however. — (@kim_willems22)

thanks #timewarnercable overbilling me 1 year & neither resolving issue nor crediting my account - it's been an amazin 7+ hours wasted time — (@grannieblanche)

@twc_help it's fine i reset my router earlier don't worry about it. if i have any more problems today i will let you guys know. — (@WhailingPoem)

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