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What do I need to view cable TV?
You will need at least one cable-ready device to view channels above 2-13 - for example, a cable-ready television and/or a cable-ready DVD. You will also need a coaxial cable to reach from your device to the cable outlet. Why don't I have cable service? Make sure that the TV has power and that the coaxial cable wire is properly connected to COAX connector at the TV and the wall. Check all wires for damage. Replace damaged wires. If you have additional components (such as a DVD Player or video games), disconnect and try connecting the cable directly to the television set. Check if TV is cable-ready or non-cable-ready. If television is not cable-ready, set television to channel 3 or 4, then switch channels through a cable-ready DVD.

Television Compatibility?
The University/College digital cable system requires a television, DVR or other tuner device with a QAM tuner. You must check the specifications from your manufacturer to determine if it includes the required tuner. The types of tuners currently in use in the United States are listed here for your reference.

Why do I only receive channels 2 to 13?
This is normally a television set programming issue and has nothing to do with the cable service. This problem may result when the television is temporarily unplugged or there is a local power outage. The power loss to the television set could cause the TV to lose its memory. When this occurs it may become necessary to reset the television set to the "Cable" or "CATV" mode. This can easily be done by using the menu or setup button that can be located on the TV or the remote control. If the TV is set to the "Air" or "Antenna" mode it must be switched to the "Cable" or "CATV" mode. The TV must then be set to AUTO PROGRAM. (It may be necessary to consult the owner's manual that came with the TV since manufacturer’s specifications do vary). If television is cable-ready, you may need to reprogram your television set to receive the cable signal. See your owner’s manual for further details. Non-cable-ready television will require the use of a cable-ready DVD (or other cable-ready device) to tune to channels above 13. You must also be sure that your television set remains tuned to channel 3 or 4 in order for the DVD to perform tuning functions.

Why do I only receive channels 2 to 36?
Your TV is probably an older cable-ready TV that will only receive channels 2-36. Try a newer TV, if possible, check your owner's manual, or use a newer cable-ready DVD.

Why are channels 2-13 really fuzzy?
This is usually the result of a bad coaxial cable wire. Try a newer coaxial cable wire to solve the problem. If you are still having problems, please call College Cable at 800-472-2054.

How do I connect directly to my Television set?
Connect one end of the coaxial cable wire to the cable connection on the wall plate. Connect the other end to the COAX connector on the television marked "Input." You may need to screw-on the connector to secure the connection. Set the television set to "CABLE" or "CATV" mode and follow the television set's instruction booklet to select "AUTO PROGRAM" to obtain the available channels.

How do I connect cable-ready DVD/device to non cable-ready television set?
Connect one end of the coaxial cable wire to the COAX connector at the wall plate and the other end to the COAX connector designated "Input" on the cable-ready DVD/device. An additional coaxial cable wire is needed to connect the COAX connector designated "OUTput" on the DVD/device. The other end of this coaxial cable wire gets connected to the COAX/VHF connector designated "Input" on the TV set. Some older TV’s may require a matching transformer (adapter). This will be needed to mate COAX connector to the VHF connector on the back of the set. Permanently tune the television set to 3 or 4 and leave it set to that, in order to use the DVD/device for channel selection. On all connections you may need to screw-on connectors to secure connection.

How do I connect cable-ready DVD to cable-ready television set?
Connect one end of coaxial cable wire to the COAX connector on the wall plate and the other end to the COAX connector designated "Input" on the DVD. An additional coaxial cable wire must be connected onto the COAX connector designated "OUTput" on the DVD. The other end of this coaxial cable wire gets connected to the COAX connector designated "Input" located on the rear of the TV. Make sure that both the TV and the DVD are set to the proper "CABLE" or "CATV" modes (according to the manufacturer’s instructions). Permanently set the TV to channel 2, 3 or 4 (depending on the market) in order to use the DVD for channel selection. On all connections you may need to screw-on connector to secure connection.

What if I do not have remote control on my TV or DVD?
Some TV and DVDs have many of the same buttons as mentioned above located somewhere on the front of the unit. Unfortunately, many new TV and DVDs require a remote control to access many of the programming and set-up functions. You can try a universal remote sold at many electronics stores, but be sure you purchase one with a menu button.
Can I receive premium or pay-per-view channels?
We do not offer pay-per-view channels, but on some of the systems premium channels are available for an additional cost. Please contact College Cable Services, at 800-472-2054 for more information.

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