Cox cable phone service

Business Phone Plans | Small Business Phone Service

The Enhanced Plan and Unlimited Plan include additional features to help you work more productively and provide a better experience for your customers:

Selective Call Forwarding. Select which calls will be sent to another phone when you are on a call or away from your desk.

Simultaneous Ring. Lets incoming calls ring to up to 10 phone numbers at the same time to speed up call answering.

Priority Alert. Creates a special ring for calls from selected numbers.

Hold Music/Message. Use music or custom messaging to entertain and educate customers while they are on hold.

Anonymous Call Rejection. Blocks calls from telemarketers and other unlisted or unrecognized numbers.

Call Park / Call Pickup. Lets you put calls on hold and resume on a different phone.

Do Not Disturb. Reduce interruptions by having calls go directly into voice mail.

Call Accept/Reject. Program your phone to accept or reject calls from a predetermined list.

Hunting. Make sure incoming calls are always answered by setting this rollover feature across multiple phones (one per customer).

Auto Attendant. Create an automated receptionist with personalized messages to answer the phone or route calls to the appropriate party (one per customer).

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