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I recently moved to Richmond and wanted to set up services at my new apartment. Initially I was going to switch to Verizon as at my last place Comcast was the only option so I was forced to stick with it despite my unsatisfactory experience with them, this was especially due to the monthly increasing rates while channel options were decreasing which didn't make sense to me. Finally I had cut off the cable and just kept the internet.

Because it took me a while to get the contact information for Verizon at my new apartment I decided to call Comcast anyway just to compare pricing. When I called and explained my situation a lady (who essentially became my rep) said she believed she could help reconcile the situation and even give me a better offer so because of this I decided to stay with Comcast. Also because she gave me exceptional service.

She set up an appointment for me for Wednesday 8/31/16 because that was when I was moving in and I didn't want to be in my new apartment without being connected at least to the internet. I also explained that that Friday I was having company so she made sure I got an appointment in the right time frame. Because of this I re-arranged my schedule and even requested to leave work early using my PTO hours so that I could be home when the Comcast technician arrived to connect me.

He was meant to show up between 5-7 pm. At 6:50 pm I called Comcast to verify my appointment because I had not seen or heard from anyone. The Comcast Customer Service rep informed me that she had put in another ticket (#**) and that the technician had accepted and confirmed that he would be coming to my apartment next. I even left my phone number for them to call me when they arrived because I didn't want to miss them. At this point it was already after 7 pm. I waited until 10:30 pm and still nothing.

The next morning I emailed my rep and she did not respond, so I ended up calling Comcast AGAIN! No one had contacted me still. I explained the situation and everyone basically gave me the runaround saying that I now have to wait until the following Tuesday to get hooked up (that is almost a week after my scheduled appointment which was missed due to no fault of mine). I still have not been contacted by "my rep" and I am very irritated by this transaction. I feel like Comcast had no regard for me or my time. I essentially used my PTO for nothing because Comcast never showed up and didn't even bother to contact me.

Now I'm more upset because I will have to take time off again next Tuesday to accommodate this. Or I can choose not to move forward Comcast, but if I leave this experience will be unforgivable to me because after enticing me with such a good deal I will have to be inconvenienced by setting up services again with someone else AND pay more after having it set in my mind that this is the deal I was going to get. I still have not decided if I want to keep Comcast but I am very appalled and unimpressed by the service.

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