Frontier Cable services

Should I get Frontier Internet service?

Setting up service for the first time in your home or apartment? Frontier doesn't require a contract, and gives you a two-year price lock. Connect your place quickly and painlessly. As your Internet needs evolve, you can upgrade your Frontier Internet plan.

Just out of school or raising a growing family, there’s a Frontier Internet plan that fits.

Switching from other ISPs

If your current Internet service provider fails to meet expectations, explore your options. Frontier home Internet comes on a dedicated line to your home. That makes for a fast, reliable connection. With a two-year price-lock, your Internet bill won’t balloon after an introductory period.

Network traffic doesn’t affect your connection the way it might with a cable carrier.

Bundling Internet and home phone

Here’s where the savings begin. Why pay for Internet and phone to different providers? Instead, switch to Frontier home phone for service on the same dependable network that gives you fast Internet. Frontier home phone connects your calls with crystal-clarity and a signal that won’t drop.

Bundling Internet, home phone and TV

Select with a Frontier Triple Play bundle. With Internet, home phone and TV from one provider, you can save money and the hassle of more than one bill. Plus, there’s one number to call for service. With a Frontier Triple Play bundle, we've got you covered.

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