Time Warner Cable customer service Representative

Network Management Disclosure

Time Warner Cable endeavors to provide its customers and others who use its network with quality service. To further this goal, Time Warner Cable utilizes various tools and techniques to address external factors that may undermine the quality of network performance.

A. Network Congestion

Time Warner Cable’s Dedicated Internet Access service is provided using dedicated facilities and bandwidth and is often provided pursuant to service level agreements. Accordingly, customers generally will not be impacted by network congestion.

B. Device Attachment Rules

Time Warner Cable’s Dedicated Internet Access service is provided over the Ethernet platform. As such, Time Warner Cable utilizes specialized Ethernet equipment, in particular Metro Ethernet Forum (“MEF”) certified Network Interface Devices that meet specific requirements for Ethernet Operations, Administration, and Maintenance functions. Depending upon the size and scale of a particular customer’s needs, Time Warner Cable utilizes these approved devices to support customers’ Dedicated Internet Access services. The devices terminate the Time Warner Cable Ethernet service, including the Dedicated Internet Access service, and are managed by Time Warner Cable, not by the customer. In addition, Dedicated Internet Access customers must have a router, switch, or other device that, at a minimum, can host and route the IP addresses utilized by that customer and its end users. Time Warner Cable’s Dedicated Internet Access customers are responsible for ensuring that their router(s), switch(es), or other device(s) are capable of meeting Border Gateway Protocol version 4 (“BGP4”) and can accommodate the number of IP routes and simultaneous sessions typically associated with BGP4. Customers are responsible for the configuration, control, and filtering of their BGP connections.

C. Network Security Measures

Time Warner Cable actively seeks to address the threats posed by harmful and unwanted traffic and thus to protect the security and integrity of its network and its customers. Indeed malicious software (often referred to as “malware”) such as viruses, worms, spyware, and distributed denial of service (“DoS”) attacks not only can adversely affect the network, but also can result in harm to customers’ computers and the quality of the service they receive, compromise their data, and harm third parties as well. Unwanted communications such as spam can lead to similar problems.

Time Warner Cable provides a range of tools to its customers to enable them to respond to such risks, offering both free and premium options for anti-virus and anti-phishing software, spyware, and adware. In addition, Time Warner Cable offers its Dedicated Internet Access customers Managed Security Solutions services that provide customers with all of the features of firewall services, such as encryption, user authentication, access controls, and IP VPN services. More information about these offerings can be found at .

All inbound e-mail is scanned for viruses, and messages found to contain viruses are discarded. In addition, to reduce spam, Time Warner Cable limits outbound e-mails to a set number of messages a day and checks all inbound e-mail against a series of reputation services in order to identify and block known spammers, consistent with common industry practices. All inbound e-mail is spam-scanned, and messages tagged as spam are deposited in a special spam folder, accessible by webmail.

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