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I am reaching out on social media because I've been trying to reach out to AT&T for the last two months, hopefully somebody at AT&T will see this and actually HELP a customer. On June 30th, I made a payment to AT&T for $150 which I believed to be the LAST payment on my husband's DSL internet account (the account is only in his name). The payment was made to an account number that AT&T does not recognize, therefore my money has been in limbo since June 30th and our bill has been sent to collections. With collection fees, our balance is now $200.79, which I have refused to pay until they have found my initial $150 payment.

Since June 30th, I have put 3 claims in with AT&T, all which I have received NO callback on after being promised multiple times. I have literally spent over 24 hours on the phone with AT&T in all and have been hung up on multiple times and transferred to several different departments each time I call, in which I have to explain my story again each and every time. I am tired of telling my story. My last claim was put in on Thursday, August 11th. I received a call from my mother on Saturday, August 13th, letting me know that she received a $150 credit to HER bill (which has my name on it because she pays our bill on a family cellular plan) and they could not tell her why or where it came from other than it was a credit from an ACH payment. Odd that my claim was a $150 ACH payment...

I called AT&T this morning and I am still currently on the phone with them as I type this for over an hour and a half now. I spoke with someone on the AT&T cellular side who CONFIRMED that the $150 credit that went to my mother's account was a payment made on June 30th... which my mother confirmed she DID NOT make. This was my payment. I was then transferred to the account receivables department whom I asked why on earth this money would have been credited to an account that did not have my husbands name on it? The answer I received was that because the bank account I initially made the $150 had my name on it... and my mother's cell phone account has my name on it. They took a wild educated guess based on CUSTOMER LOCATION that it was the same Kirsti ** on her account as the Kirsti ** that made the payment on my husband's account, and credited her account.

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