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Cable Service

Seattle IT regulates cable television providers offering service in Seattle and responds to consumer questions and issues.The City has issued non-exclusive cable television franchises with Comcast, Wave, and CenturyLink.

Cable Franchises

To offer cable television service in Seattle, providers must obtain a cable television franchise from the City of Seattle in accordance with Seattle Municipal Code Chapter 21.60. Last revised in 2015, the Code requires cable providers to meet certain technical and customer service standards. Today, the City's franchises with CenturyLink and Comcast permit these providers to offer service city-wide. The City's franchise with Wave permits the provider to offer service in the Central Business District, Central District, and portions of Capitol Hill, Eastlake, and Queen Anne. Wave may choose the ability to offer services city-wide upon renewal of their cable franchise in 2017.

Comcast is the City's largest cable operator serving approximately 150, 000 Seattle subscribers with cable television, telephony and high-speed internet service. Comcast service is available in most of Seattle except for the Central District. To contact Comcast customer service call toll free (800) 266-2278 (800-COMCAST).

Wave serves approximately 8, 000 Seattle cable subscribers with cable television and internet service and is the primary cable provider in the Central District. Wave also serves the Central Business District and parts of Beacon Hill, Capitol Hill, and Queen Anne. This franchise was originally issues to Broadstripe (Millenium) Communications, which was purchased by Wave in 2012. To contact Wave's customer service call toll free (866) 928-3123.

CenturyLink is the City's newest cable provider, and started offering service in August 2015. CenturyLink service is currently available to more than 160, 000 households in 14 Seattle neighorhoods. Residents can check for service availability at To contact CenturyLink customer service call toll free

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