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Verizon today launches a new service targeting the small to midsized business community with a mobile-first approach that lets them cut the cord on voice services or easily combine ... By Mark Schweitzer, Partner, CMG, 8/5/2016
In the first three articles in this series, we reviewed the importance of cable operators winning share in the mid-market and enterprise segments and the unique profile and needs of these ... By Mark Chinn, Partner, CMG, 8/4/2016
In the first two articles in this four-part series, we reviewed cable operators' need to move up market into the mid-market and enterprise segments and the unique profiles, sub-segments ... By Mark Schweitzer, Partner, CMG, 8/3/2016
In the first article in this four-part series, we reviewed cable's business services success in the small business market, and the drivers underlying the industry's more recent push into ... By Mark Chinn, Partner, CMG, 8/1/2016
Over the last ten years, commercial services (a.k.a. business services) have grown to fill a critical revenue growth need for cable operators. We will be taking a closer look at multiple ... By

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The Unfair Advantage Small Business Advertising Manual Subtitled; How to use Newspaper, Direct Mail, Radio, Cable TV, Yellow Pages, and other ... profits in your retail or service business.
Book (Unfair Advantage Retail)
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