Cable and Internet services by zip code

High Speed Internet Providers By Zip Code

To check for broadband Internet providers by zip code, including cable, DSL, fiber-optic, satellite and wireless, simply use the form provided below. Our site will show you which plans are available in that specific zip code. Next, you can either click the link to view each ISP in greater detail or call us toll-free to ask questions about available services and place an order.

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Other Ways To Locate Internet Providers By Zip Code

Although our form lists all available high speed Internet service providers by zip code, the truth is that no form like this is 100% accurate. ISPs are constantly upgrading and changing their service offerings and many of their databases are out-of-date. If you are not satisfied with the results of the form, then please use this guide to understand your choices for broadband.

To find out your options for high speed Internet, just ask yourself some questions and the answers will tell you what types of Internet service providers are available:

Question #1 - Who is your cable television provider?

Question #2 - Who is your phone service provider?

These are the only companies that can confirm if cable, DSL or fiber optic Internet is truly available for your exact address. So, first contact your cable TV provider and ask if they offer broadband Internet to your address, then contact your landline telephone provider.

Locating Rural Internet Service Providers By Zip Code

Question #3 - Do you live in the 48 continental United States?

If you do, then you almost certainly can get broadband satellite Internet, which is about as fast as basic DSL. HughesNet and Exede are the two primary satellite broadband ISPs in the United States. Both of these companies have new satellites with much faster connection speeds.

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