Cable One phone number customer service

Cable One, Inc

Some Better Business Bureaus offer additional content & services in BBB Business Reviews.
The additional content & services are typically regional in nature or, in some cases, a new product or service that is being tested prior to a more general release.
Not all enhanced content & services are available at all Better Business Bureaus.

Types of Complaints Handled by BBB

BBB handles the following types of complaints between businesses and their customers so long as they are not, or have not been, litigated:

  • Advertising or Sales
  • Billing or Collection
  • Problems with Products or Services
  • Delivery
  • Guarantee or Warranty

We do not handle workplace disputes, discrimination claims or claims about the quality of health or legal services.

BBB Complaint Process

Your complaint will be forwarded to the business within two business days. The business will be asked to respond within 14 days, and if a response is not received, a second request will be made. You will be notified of the business's response when we receive it (or notified that we received no response). Complaints are usually closed within 30 business days.

What is BBB Advertising Review?

BBB promotes truth in advertising by contacting advertisers whose claims conflict with the BBB Code of Advertising. These claims come to our attention from our internal review of advertising, consumer complaints and competitor challenges. BBB asks advertisers to prove their claims, change ads to make offers more clear to consumers, and remove misleading or deceptive statements.

What government actions does BBB report on?

BBB reports on known government actions that are relevant to the business's marketplace dealings with the public.

BBB Reporting Policy

As a matter of policy, BBB does not endorse any product, service or business.

BBB Business Reviews are provided solely to assist you in exercising your own best judgment. Information in this BBB Business Review is believed reliable but not guaranteed as to accuracy.

BBB Business Reviews generally cover a three-year reporting period. BBB Business Reviews are subject to change at any time.

Additional Phone Numbers

  • (928) 645-9021(Phone)
  • (928) 445-4511(Phone)
  • (928) 537-8362(Phone)
  • (602) 364-6000(Phone)
  • (928) 645-2132(Phone)
  • (928) 289-2652(Phone)
  • (928) 537-2279(Phone)
  • (712) 233-2000(Phone)
  • (928) 537-0607 (Fax)
  • (928) 289-9250 (Fax)
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Fitbit Flex Charging Cable, Skque USB Fitbit Charge charger Cable with quite a Longer Length(10 Inch), Replacement for Damged or Lost USB Charger Charging Cable Compatible For Fitbit Flex
Personal Computer (Skque)
  • Perfect replacement for lost or damaged fitbit flex charging cable
  • The fitbit flex cable is no reset button included
  • The fitbit charge charger is easy plug and charge
  • The fitbit charging cable is same quality for fraction of the price. Quality charge cable with voltage regulator to charge your Fitbit Flex cable more securely when...
  • Design with portable, it can bring more convenience for you to keep the fitbit charge charger fully charged in the office, at home or in travels. Compatible with...
T-Power Ac Adapter for MOTOROLA MBP33 MBP33P MBP35 MBP35BW MBP36 MBP36BU MBP36PU MBP41 MBP41BU MBP41PU MBP43 MBP43BU MBP43PU Remote Wireless Digital Video Baby Monitor&Camera (Parent & Baby Unit)
CE (T-Power)
  • T-Power® Made with the Highest Quality / Brand-new Input Voltage Range: AC 100V - 240V ( Extra Long 6.6ft cable cord )
  • We focus on providing quality power products and excellent customer service / we will ship your order within-24 hours Mon - Fri. (Phone service is available)
  • (Note: We provide Smart connector plug tips. This item fits Parent unit as well as Baby unit. )
T-Power® ((6.6ft Long Cable)) Ac dc adapter for Epson LabelWorks LW-300 LW-400 LW300 LW400 LW-400VP (Qwerty) Label Maker (C51CB69010) (C51CB70010) (C52CB73020)Replacement Switching Power Supply Cord Charger
Office Product (T-Power for Epson LabelWorks)
  • T-Power (TM) Made with the highest quality (( Extra Long 6.6ft cable cord )) Total Cord Length Is Extended to 6.6 ft (Competitor s Products are 3-4 Ft)!
  • Brand-new Input Voltage Range: AC 100V - 240V
  • We focus on providing quality power products and excellent customer service / we will ship your order the within-24 hours Mon-Fri (Phone service is available)
  • P/N: APT0615Z1-1 / (C51CB69010) (C51CB70010) (C52CB73020)
  • Compatible with : Epson LabelWorks LW-300 LW-400 LW300 LW400 LW-400VP (Qwerty) Label Maker (C51CB69010) (C51CB70010) (C52CB73020)
STARDATA USB Type C to USB Type A Fast Charge & Sync Nylon Braided Cable (3.9ft), USB 3.0 with 5Gbps SuperSpeed Data Rate for Nexus 6P, 5X, LG G5, HTC 10, OnePlus, Galaxy Note 7 and more (Black)
PC Accessory (STARDATA)
  • BUILT TO LAST AND SERVE ALL YOUR NEEDS: Forget about cheaply made USB connecting cables that do not last long! The STARDATA USB fast charge and sync Type C to Type...
  • COMPATIBLE WITH COUNTLESS DEVICES: This must have USB tablet and smart phone cable is ideal for any device that features a Type C USB connector. Use it with your...
  • TWO STRIKING COLORS FOR YOU TO CHOOSE FROM: The STARDATA USB Type C to Type A USB cable is available in two colors for you to pick the one you like best. Choose...
  • UNIQUE, PRACTICAL STORING BOX DESIGN: This amazing Type C USB cable comes in a handy storing box that will allow you to always keep it in place. The practical matchbox...
  • 100% RISK FREE PURCHASE: Providing you with the highest quality products and the friendliest customer service is our number one goal. This is why we offer you a...
Aokon SJ7000 Action Shot Waterproof Wi-Fi 1080P 12M HD Sports Helmet Video Camera - 170°Wide Angle Lens - 2.0'' LCD Screen - 2 Powerful Rechargeable Batteries & 19 Useful Item (Blue)
Photography (Aokon)
  • EXPERIENCE AND CAPTURE UNIQUE UNDERWATER MOMENTS: Get ready to dive and take the shoot the most amazing pictures and videos underwater! The AOKON wireless extreme...
  • ENJOY COUNTLESS POSSIBILITIES THANKS TO THE AMAZING FEATURES: The HD WIFI action camera is the perfect combination of high quality and low price which make it an...
  • A MUST HAVE FOR EVERY SPORTS AND OUTDOORS ENTHUSIAST: Whether you like extreme sports, riding, diving, skating, climbing, skiing, surfing and flying or you just...
  • GET ALL YOU NEED IN A KIT: This top notch action sports helmet camera comes with 19 incomparably useful items. Each kit includes a waterproof case, a bicycle mount...
  • 100% RISK FREE PURCHASE: Meeting all your demands and providing you with the friendliest customer service is our number one goal. This is why we offer you a 100%...
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