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Compare Internet TV Phone Bundles

Triple play offers include Internet, phone, and TV. Usually, you have to buy a bundled service through a cable or phone company. You can bundle services with a satellite TV company, but it’s usually done through a phone company.

Triple play bundling is perfect for anyone who wants TV, Internet, and phone service in their home. Individually, these services can be very expensive.

Bundling your services by paying for phone, TV, and Internet from one provider can often save you money on the entire package.

Double Play Bundle Deals

If your service provider offers you a double play bundle deal, it means that you can pick and bundle two of any of the three services. This way, you can still benefit from the savings of bundling without having to pay for a service you don’t want. So you could choose a TV/Internet bundle, or a phone/Internet bundle, or a phone/TV bundle.

Bundling with Traditional Phone Services

You can bundle with traditional telephone companies in a couple of ways.

First, you can use a telephone company in conjunction with a TV company that doesn’t sell phone service like DIRECTV or the DISH. In this bundling service, you are basically paying two companies through one bill. You start off by picking your TV plan and you then bundle it with an Internet and/or phone plan with a telephone company.

You may be limited, however, on which carrier you bundle with your TV service. Certain carriers may not offer service in your area. But most TV companies partner with multiple different telecoms so that there will be at least one service available in almost every area.

Second, you can use your carrier for all of your services. Now lots of major carriers also offer a TV service. For example, Verizon has Verizon Fios® TV and AT&T has U-verse® TV. You can now get pretty inexpensive triple play offers through plans like U-verse and Fios.

These plans also have the advantage that you only have to do business with one company, rather than two. However, U-verse and Fios do not give you the option to use satellite TV service (if you like satellite). Both U-verse and Fios use fiber optic cables, which means that you can't get a satellite service (which can often be cheaper), and some customers may not be able to use the fiber optic TV service if they live in a remote area.

Bundling with Cable Companies

Cable companies can provide Internet and phone service in addition to TV service, so you won't ever see a cable company offering a bundle in partnership with another company. In some cases they may be the less expensive option.

Overall, however, bundling is usually cheaper with a traditional telephone company. For example, a bundle with Verizon and DIRECTV can be as low as $65/month. This plan includes the DIRECTV Choice Extra plan with 205+ channels, high speed Internet, and unlimited local and regional calling. is an authorized retailer of DISH Network L.L.C. DISH, DISH Network and DISH Network logos are trademarks, registered trademarks and/or service marks of DISH Network L.L.C. and/or its affiliate(s). The DISH Network trademarks, registered trademarks and/or service marks are used under license of DISH Network L.L.C. and/or its affiliate(s).

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