Internet service without phone line or cable

EarthLink Freestanding DSL Internet

What is Freestanding DSL?
Freestanding DSL is a new kind of high-speed DSL Internet access that works without phone service active in your home. Before Freestanding DSL, if you wanted to get DSL you had to pay the local phone company to keep your line active, even if you didn't use it.

What are the advantages of Freestanding DSL?
Freestanding DSL can save most people money by allowing them to cancel their home phone service. The average savings is almost $240 a year. If you've already cut the cord and are using your cell phone exclusively, Freestanding DSL gives you another great broadband Internet option.

Do I have to cancel my phone service to use Freestanding DSL?
Freestanding DSL will not work on an active phone line. But it is an option if you have active phone service but want your DSL connection on a separate phone line. If you didn't already have two lines you would need to have an extra one installed. For most people who want to keep their existing home phone service (and not switch to a VoIP service, for example), regular DSL makes the most sense.

Where is EarthLink Freestanding DSL available?
It is available only in areas where Verizon is the local telephone company. Close this window and enter your phone number and address to check availability where you live.

If I want to disconnect my phone service, should I do that before I order Freestanding DSL?
In most cases yes, you should cancel your phone service first, before placing the Freestanding DSL order. Your Freestanding DSL installation will be simpler if your phone service is disconnected before you order Freestanding DSL.

If you aren't ready to cancel your home phone service, you can still place your Freestanding DSL order, but you will want to have it installed on a second line coming to your home. To do this, you may need to change some jack wiring.

Is Freestanding DSL installation different than a regular DSL installation?
Yes. Because it is not a “shared line service.” Regular DSL can share a copper phone line with phone service. Freestanding DSL works differently and can't share a phone line with any phone services.

Do I need DSL filters for Freestanding DSL?
No. You should not need any of the filters typically required for regular DSL. If they came in your self-install kit, set them aside and disregard that section of instructions.

Does EarthLink provide wiring services or the adapters to accommodate a second line installation?
No. It is impossible for EarthLink to know each customer's installation preference or wiring needs. Due to many home wiring variables (home age, previous wiring enhancements or removals, faulty wiring, etc.) many customers do not even know what wiring they have or need until after an installation is attempted. Even the phone companies don't keep records on this. EarthLink tries to provide information about all your options, so you can choose the approach that best suits your needs.

I want to put Freestanding DSL in a second bedroom. Our phone line works in that room, but we don't use it there. Can we get DSL connected in that room?
If you are not going to disconnect your phone service, you should install regular DSL. Freestanding DSL will not work on a line with active phone service, even if there is no phone connected to the jack.

You could install Freestanding DSL in that room on a second phone line in 1 of 3 ways:

  • Rewire the jack yourself (requires removing the jack cover and knowing which wires to move)
  • Use a swapper solution (an adapter that does the wiring swap for you, alleviating the need for option 1.
  • Have a professional do it for you.

I don't have home phone service at all. I have phone jacks, but not in the room I want to connect Freestanding DSL. What do I do?
Your first, and probably best option is to connect Freestanding DSL in a room with a working phone jack, then use WiFi feature of your gateway device or router to connect to the rooms without a phone jack.

Your other option is to have a new jack wired in that room. You can try that yourself, but most likely you will want to hire a professional to do the work for you. We recommend you have that work done before placing your Freestanding DSL order, or at least before the installation is expected.

I cancelled my home phone service and I want to install Freestanding DSL in a room that previously had a working phone (and jack). Do I need to do anything to the wiring or jack in that room?
You shouldn't need to make any changes if that room previously had phone service and no other wiring was done since you cancelled your service. Once you receive your EarthLink self-installation kit, you should be able to get up and running with no additional adapters or wiring. In fact, you can even set aside the DSL filter that may come with your kit, and disregard that part of the installation instructions.

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Linksys Cisco-Linksys HomeLink Broadband Network Bridge
CE (Linksys)
  • Share broadband Internet access on your network using your existing phone line
  • Share a cable modem without interrupting normal phone service
  • Stand-alone unit with 2 10Base-T RJ-45 ports, 1 shared uplink port, and 2 RJ-11 modular phone ports
  • Bridges a 10 Mbps cable or DSL connection and a 1 Mbps HomeLink connection
  • Also connects your 10 Mbps Ethernet connection to your 1 Mbps home phone-line network for seamless integration
Hughes Hughes DirecPC Turbo Satellite Internet Transmitter & Receiver
CE (Hughes)
  • Power Supply Not Included
  • System Provides Internet Only
  • Includes ITU T1, IDU R1, and Interconnect Cable
Hankuke PowerLine+ Micro USB (3pack/3ft) The Premium, Fastest, Most Durable Cable [Kevlar Fiber & Double Braided Nylon] for Samsung, Nexus, LG, Motorola, Android Smartphones and More - blue
Wireless (USB cable, micro usb cable, charge cable, power line, charging cord)
  • Powerful Compatibility: Support Use this cable to charge and or sync any Samsung Galaxy S, Galaxy Note, HTC One M9, Nokia Lumia, Motorola Droid Turbo, LG G4, Google...
  • Fast Charge and Data Transfer: High-quality tinned copper wire+ 2A fast charge, fast charge, up to 30%. USB 2.0 Cable - A Male to Micro B, Supports 480-Mbps transmission...
  • Well Built: Sturdy and Tangle-free Nylon fabric braided USB cable with Aluminum Connector can bear 4+ bending test. Thicker wire allows for faster charging..
  • Different lengths to meet you are not used in different places:You can use the 3ft cord when you go to bed. And the 6ft cord you can use in the living room or when...
  • 12-month warranty and friendly customer service.
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