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Annual Customer Notices - 2016

Products and Services Offered – Cox offers a variety of video programming choices including a basic service tier (Cox TV Starter) with most of the local television broadcast stations in your area and, in most areas, an expanded basic service tier (Cox TV Essential) and other service tiers and packages that include additional cable programming services. There are many digital cable programming services and features that you may also purchase with Cox Advanced TV options, which include access to the interactive programming guide, digital music channels, and video-on-demand (OnDEMAND). Cox also offers individual premium channels and pay-per-view services for additional movies, sports and other special events. Various tiers of service offered by Cox may be sold separately or as a package with other tiers; however, as a prerequisite for subscribing to any of the video programming offered, customers are required by law to subscribe to the basic service tier.

Many of the channels included in the basic service tier are available in both an analog and a digital format, except on those all-digital Cox systems that offer channels exclusively in a digital format that may also be all encrypted.

Cox offers customers the option to rent equipment, such as cable set-top converters, remote controls and/or CableCARDs™ that may be needed to access cable services with your TV equipment. Programming services and features available may vary depending on the Cox equipment or other equipment you use to receive them. For example, converters that are not as fully featured as the advanced converters we lease (i.e., no on-demand access) may provide a more limited channel selection or may be available only to customers subscribing to the Cox basic (Starter TV) service.

Visit us at or call us at the number on your bill for more information about products and services, equipment options and pricing in your area.

Prices, Channels and Programming Options – A complete listing of the channel lineup and prices available to you can be found at or you may call us at the number on your bill to obtain a printed copy.

Changes in Service or Prices – Subject to applicable law, we have the right to change our services and prices at any time. As a Cox customer, you will generally receive notice of changes in services or prices at least 30 days in advance or in compliance with applicable laws. The notice may be provided on or with your monthly bill, in a separate mailing, on an information channel, as a newspaper legal notice, as part of this annual notice or in some other written form. Additional information regarding such notices may also be found on the Cox website.

Installation and Service Maintenance Policies – Standard installations are generally completed within 7 business days. Someone over 18 years of age must be home during any installation or repair of your cable television service. Cox employees and agents of Cox are required to wear a Cox employee or Cox contractor identification badge. Cox will make every reasonable effort to reschedule any missed service appointment at a convenient time for you.

Access to Customer Premises – By ordering service, you agree to allow employees and agents of Cox access to your premises at reasonable times to inspect and maintain the cable equipment at your service address and, upon termination of service, to remove the equipment. Cox is not deemed to have abandoned equipment that it does not remove.

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