Time Warner Cable Rochester New York customer service

Time Warner Cable provides cable television, internet and telephone service for Monroe County, including the city. They also serve Genesee, Livingston, Ontario, Orleans, Wyoming counties and the Finger Lakes region.

Most on-site service is performed by contracted firms.


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I grew up near Corning and have been recently living in Denver, Colorado. I am planning to move to Rochester in the Spring (to be near my family) and would like to work for this company. I have 8 years telecom experience but I can't seem to find out much about working for Time Warner.. like starting pay..etc. Can anyone help? —DavidJOBrien

There's two places to check. There's Time Warner Cable, the people who have the coax into your house; their careers page is here. There's also twtelecom (based out of Denver, no less), who provide various telecom services to businesses. You can get to their careers page here. There's also a number of other telecom firms in these parts, as well. Good luck! —RyanTucker

See new Pay Your Bill link above (:>) —BradMandell

Netflix now offers Netflix HD. See . It appears that Timewarner has not cooperated with Netflix to offer the new high definition. Contact TimeWarner and let them know that you want Netflix Super HD. —maxlent

Time Warner's DVR is the worst, have had to replace them and tried different versions — still the same brain dead software on top of being very buggy. Makes me want to go back to Dish. —TimHowes

I've had Dish for 3 years now. It's about 1000 times better than TW, for roughly half the price. Only a sucker would continue using TW if they have other options. —alex-c

This review is for Road Runner internet ONLY. I no longer have TW cable, for the reasons stated in my previous review, and I plan to remain a customer of Dish Network for my TV service.

We were reluctant to use TW as our internet provider, after we felt that we received overpriced and underwhelming service on cable TV for several years. However, Frontier DSL, always a fairly lousy provider, became even worse, as did their customer service, to a point where we absolutely HAD to drop them. So, the choices were either TW, or pay astonomical money for Verizon wireless or satellite internet. We chose TW.

The installation was lightning quick-actually was installed the SAME DAY we ordered it, and only for $20, too! I would have to say, however, that their installation was a bit rough, but at least it was on the backside of the house. Since the days when we had TW for cable, they have added more tiers of internet service, and so now, there is finally a tier that suits us-before you had to choose from either VERY basic service, or else much more extravagent service. The newer 'in-between' service tier has made us a fan. Speed is reliably 95% of what we pay for, connection (so far) is flawless, and latency is still about 75ms, which is no worse than Frontier gave us (and, probably, we are much further from the switching equipment than we were with Fontier).

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