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Troubleshoot at Home with MyTWC and MyServices

MyServices_04Simply because TWC customer service representatives are available 24/7 doesn’t mean that you are, as well. Technical issues can occur at any time – when you’re away from your phone, when the clock’s ticking down to your favorite program, when even a moment on hold isn’t an option – and very often, the solution is surprisingly simple. So to help our customers in need of some speedy assistance, Time Warner Cable has expanded the self-service toolbox of the MyServices site and the MyTWC mobile app, allowing users to troubleshoot, refresh or check the status of their own equipment directly from home or on-the-go.

Logging on from their PC, tablet or mobile device with their TWC ID, subscribers can perform a quick “health check” on any of their equipment, ensuring that all the proper connections and signals are A-OK and five-by-five.

You’ll be instantly alerted if there’s a reported or possible outage in the area. If the issue persists, however, customers can monitor the status of each individual piece of equipment and navigate a list of possible problems and their likely solutions – missing channels, frozen picture, etc. Options to remotely reboot or reset your cable box or modem, as well as instructions on how to check their physical connections, should hopefully settle the issue. If the problem is still unresolved, simply remain online and contact TWC support via easy-to-use web-chat.

To use the system, log-on to MyServices or use your MyTWC mobile app to access a full list of your current services. Simply click through to the Troubleshooting option, locate your issue and take your place as an at-home repairman.

Time is precious. A quick fix it the best fix. The folks at TWC would much rather you watch The Walking Dead or surf the web than scratch your head wondering why you can’t. At Time Warner Cable, a simple solution is always just a few clicks, a chat window or a phone call away.

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