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Home Phone Features and Benefits

Get tons of easy-to-use calling features to help you to keep in touch with those who matter most to you.

Free Calling Features Home Phone is loaded with all the latest digitally enhanced calling features – and they’re free.

3-Way Calling
Allows you to add a third person to your phone conversation.
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Caller ID
Protect your privacy – and your free time. See who’s calling before you answer the phone by looking on the screen on your Caller ID-enabled phone.
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Call Waiting
When you’re on the phone and a second call comes in, you will hear a “beep.” You can put your call on hold while you answer the other.
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Call Waiting Caller ID
This feature combines Caller ID and Call Waiting. The “beep” alerts you to a call coming in. Just look at the visual Caller ID display on your phone to see the name and number of the person calling. Answer it or ignore it. It’s up to you.
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Anonymous Call Reject (*77)
You can block unwanted calls from people who do not send their Caller ID information. Just press (*77).
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Speed Dial (*74)
Save time by setting up your Home Phone for one-digit dialing to call frequently dialed phone numbers.
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Call Forwarding (*72)
Automatically forward your calls to a local, long distance or mobile phone number.
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Charges Block
Block incoming and outgoing calls that could incur additional charges.

Caller ID Block (*67)
If you have chosen to reveal your identity when placing calls and wish to be anonymous for a particular call, press (*67) before you dial to block your identity from the other person’s Caller ID.
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Dial 6-1-1 for support
Any time you need technical help with features, service or repairs, dial 6-1-1 from your Home Phone.

Low-Cost Extras
Want a better way to manage messages than an answering machine? Looking for more privacy? How about an extra phone line for your kids? Add on these great features to your Home Phone service.

Voicemail just got simpler. Now it’s even more convenient to get your messages. Add Voicemail to your Home Phone service for $3.95 per month.

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