Time Warner cable technical service

HORRIBLE customer service/technical support

I have never experienced such poor customer service in all my life. I can only assume the cs reps are trained to actually boldface lie with a somewhat polite disposition to appease their customers since that has happened to me several times during the last 24 hours. I am paying almost double than what the advertised prices are, I now have no working cable box thanks to customer service sending the wrong signal to my box and telling me "sorry, there's nothing we can do" after their mistake, I've lost all of my DVR content, I was told to exchange the box at our local office today before noon but upon arrival I found out they aren't even open on Saturdays, I was then told technical support would be here today but they never showed.I could go on but I'll stop at that.

It's sad that they can get away with this type of customer "service" due to the fact they are pretty much the only service provider in this area. I highly recommend doing your research before choosing this company as your cable provider.


I think that the problem is that the CSR's read from scripted text that rarely is not applicable to the customer's specific situation. TWC has been getting a lot of negative CSR feedback lately, and I only hope that TWC is evaluating this for better training in the future for the CSR's.

A re-evaluation of how they are trained and better discounts for long-standing customers, without having to "fight" with retentions every year over the phone are sorely needed. I will say that once the techs get to the door, at least in my area, they have been excellent. However, the communication rely between the CSR and the customer needs better evaluation to avoid situations like this from re-reoccurring.

For this customer's experience, do you have no working DVR at all or just erased shows. Try a hard reboot of the box by powering it off and than unplug the DVR. Wait for several minutes. Now, plug the box back in and allow the system to reboot. If the DVR works, but the shows are gone, you may want to try registering at the TWC Direct Forum to see if they can get them back. (It's a longshot.) What is the make and model of your box? Mentioned that tech support failed to show, and that the office was closed when the CSR said to return the box to the office.

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