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Wow will no doubt be bought up by another company (just like T-Mobile by/MetroPCS) I guess a year maybe 2 tops?

10 years ago, switched to WOW because they were the best, compared to Comcast. During their 10 years they haven't updated anything. They don't even care anymore, as evident in typos for their descriptions of shows. How sad a company cannot run spell check?

Their Internet service is inconsistent, it goes down every day. Really wow? doesn't exist? lol Yahoo as your browser tells me 2 dying companies are trying to stay afloat. They were hacked in July, just more proof of how they just don't care anymore.

Cable service is very primitive. Charges are outrageous for what they are offering. Crap cable and intermittent internet cost us 178 a month NO PAY CHANNELS either (honest)

You SHOULD be aware: Wow snoops on you so they can get advertisers to pay for ads.

Smart ass customer service reps, reminds me of how Comcast use to be.

The minute Comcast left my home, I called to get rid of WOW. They offered a big discount, I declined, I don't even want it if it was free. Took their boxes back the next morning.

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