Cable one cancel service

How To Cancel Cable One

Cable One offers residential and business phone, Internet and television services. As is the case with many cable companies, there are special deals offered by Cable One from time to time and these special deals carry special terms and conditions that may outline an early termination fee schedule the customer does not know exists. If a customer is signing up for a promotional price service it is important to read the fine print to ensure there are no additional fees associated with cancelling that service if the customer should so choose to do so.

To cancel your Cable One service, contact the customer service department at the phone number listed on your bill. Alternatively, you can contact customer service at 877-692-2253 24 hours a day. Tell the representative you wish to cancel service. You may be required to pay any past due account balances or early termination fees.

Is There An Early Termination Fee?

When we viewed the customer agreement for a promotional price plan we saw that the plan required 24 months of continued service. During the first 12 months customers were charged one price and during the 2nd 12 months the customer was charged a higher price. There was no mention of an early termination fee, but there is one associated with this promotional plan.

After a little bit of searching we found that the early termination fee for Cable One services is $240. If you change to a lower priced plan, you will be charged a $60 fee. If you choose to remove your account from the autopay program, you may be charged for the installation charges that were waived when your services were installed.

Early Cancellation Policy

The early cancellation policy states that customers who cancel their services during the promotional period must pay the early termination fee of $240. If services are downgraded to reduce monthly cost, there is a $60 downgrade fee. All equipment must be returned in working order or the customer is responsible for equipment fees in addition to the early termination fee.

Some companies will waive the early termination fee in some cases, such as death of the primary account holder, moving out of the service area or deployment in the military. Contact the customer service department to see if Cable One is willing to waive the early termination fees in these cases.

Will They Work With Me to Avoid Cancel Fees?

There are quite a few complaints about Cable One customer service in regards to fees, including early termination fees. Customers report being charged fees for cancelling services after the promotional period ended and being charged fees for accounts that weren’t even in their name. You may not get the customer service support from Cable One that you’d like.

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