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I have been a cox customer for over 20 years. My current account says 13 years but I believe that is because when I was married it was in my wife's name. And really it should not matter how long I have been a customer to be able to receive good customer service. Good customer service. This is something I do know about because I have owned two businesses in Arizona for 30 years. In 30 years you really see a lot of good, bad, and ugly. Unfortunately there has been very little good with cox in the entire time I have been a customer. To be completely truthful, the only reason I am with Cox at all anymore is because there is not a good alternative for high speed internet in my location and I need this for my business.

Over the years I have stopped using cox cable tv, home phone, office phone and internet. You can add that up and it comes to a pretty hefty sum of money over time. I have discontinued these services for one reason and one reason only. Horrible customer service. After all these years and all the bad things that have happened (I will not list them all but the number is large), I think what has happened today is the most disturbing, disappointing, and maddening. I think as you read what has happened, you may feel the same way.

I certainly urge you all to do the same as me and contact the corporation commission, the newspapers, the tv stations, the radio stations, and certainly post your frustrations to as many online sites as you can find. This will really be the only way that Cox will hear any of this. They have really surrounded their company managers with any authority in an impossible frustrating gauntlet of steps, red tape, non-helpful supervisors with no authority so you just finally give-up trying to get a solution that is good for you, the customer. I have been directly lied to again today by a Cox representative and I knew he was lying when he did it. So here is my latest story.

As I mentioned, I no longer have cox cable. But a need has come up that I needed cox cable for a week. Here is the reason. My sister has frontal lobe dementia. She has a routine every day that she does and becomes very agitated when something is not the same. We are repainting her home and putting all new flooring in the home she shares with live in caregivers that are there 24/7. It is an older home and was in desperate need of updating. So while the work is being done, she and her live in caregiver have moved in with my son and I until the work is done. We took a lot of time to make sure the room was set up like her room at home, even bringing over many items for the room. We set up the bathroom so it is like hers, got all the same groceries, and more.

One thing that my sister does every day is watch the Game Show Network. All day, every day. That and play solitaire on her iPad are the two things she does religiously. Knowing this, I contacted Cox two weeks ago. I explained to them the situation and that my sister was paying over $200 a month for cable at her home and although all I had was Cox internet at the time, I have been a customer for 20 years. I explained I was looking for some help in getting cable for a week and completely explained why. I was first told that they could close my sisters account and move her service. Since every time I have moved service with cox, and I figure that has been about 10 times, they have screwed up the move, I decided that was not the best solution. In addition, that young man was going to charge us installation fees 2-3 times. I asked to speak with a supervisor.

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