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Time Warner Cable apologizes, the call center is losing out to digital chat and £1.6bn in losses for UK telcos


Time Warner Cable pens an open letter of apology, but is it enough?

Cable companies in the US have a reputation for providing resoundingly bad customer service, and Time Warner Cable isn’t any different with its most recent NPS being -5. The score is a message that more people are dissatisfied with their service than satisfied.

However, TWC has taken a bold step and published an open letter in major US newspapers, promising to fix their minefield of bad customer experience.

“We get it. We know how you feel about cable companies. We’ve seen where TWC falls on customer satisfaction surveys and we know the ‘cable guy’ jokes by heart, ” the company said.

In one recent case, a person’s billing name was changed to something very profane after contacting the company about a cable box problem. While another customer was awarded $229, 000 after suing them for receiving 163 robocalls about a bill that was not theirs.

As the second biggest cable company in the US, TWC has realized that if they want to stay at number two changes need to be made. As a result in 2013 they began promising one-hour arrival windows for service calls and within the last year has now rolled it out country-wide. It will also by the end of the year, fully roll out a new ‘TechTracker’ app that helps customers manage service appointments.

Omissions such as this though by TWC, which makes light-hearted fun about their own incompetency can often be a way to say a lot and do very little. It will be interesting to see what happens to their NPS numbers in the future.

To make sure people get the message, TWC has also put out a set of commercials.

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How chat agents are overtaking the call center

Digital chat agents are proving to be the next step forward when it comes to providing successful customer interactions.

[24]7, the world’s largest provider of chat agents has found them to cost 20% less than their voice agent counterparts and have a Net Promoter Score that is 10 points higher.

The company has been able to deflect successfully phone calls to chat and provide a customer resolution service that is more productive and performs better in first contact resolution, avg. handle time, sales conversion and NPS.

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