Optus cable service status

Cable Outages

I and neighbours around me who are with Optus cable have been experiencing numerous cable outages over the past few months. Whenever the temperature goes over 33 deg C you can predict that it will be out and we've had lots of outages when it is not obviously the weather. Today it has been out since about 10am. The network status has been saying "under investigation" since 12. Rang optus help desk and they can't tell me anything more. We had an outage in February that lasted for 2 days - nothing from Optus telling us what was going on, ETA etc.

We switched to Optus 2 months back and I have to say that I'm regretting it. When we have service it's great, but there are so many outages that it is making us and a number of our neighbours think we will switch.

There was no mention of this in any of the literature and if there is some known issue with cable when the temperature goes over a certain point, then it should be stated up front.

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