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How Do I Find My Model Number?

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To find accurate parts, manuals, and schematics for your tool, you must know the tool's model number and type number.

The model number is what uniquely identifies DEWALT's various kinds of tools.

The type number identifies the multiple versions of a specific model number.

  • As it relates to service parts, a type 1 can be completely different than the type 2 version of a particular model number.
  • The type number can and usually is as important to know as the model number in order to ensure you receive the correct service part(s).
  • Every model number can have multiple type numbers or a little as no type number.

On DEWALT tools, the model number and type number are usually on the warning label or name plate.

  • These labels are typically found on the bottom or side of the tool.
  • For larger equipment, like generators, the label can be found on the top of the equipment.

Below are examples of labels that highlight the model number and type number for DEWALT tools.

Once you have located your model number and type number on your tool, you can then begin to search for your needed parts, manuals, or schematics on ServiceNet.

  • First enter your model number in the "Enter you model number" field on the left side of the home page.
  • This will either take you directly to your exact model number or a list of items that closely match your model number that you have entered.
  • Once you have found your correct model number on ServiceNet, you will be directed to the tool's product information page.
  • If your tool has more than one type number, you will be prompted to select your type number on this page
  • You are now ready to select your needed part(s), find you manual, or view your schematics.

The model number is what uniquely identifies Black & Decker's various kinds of tools.

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